Mad Lane Productions Inc. - Independent Film Company with branches in Australia and US
Some of the projects currently in development include: 

We Were Tomorrow - TV Series (Development)

The 10 x 1hr sci-fi television series is currently being discussed for commissioning with an international broadcaster. The project was created and written by Madeleine Kennedy, and is being developed by Mad Lane Productions, OZPIX Entertainment and EMMY Nominated/PGA Winning Producer Livia Hanich.

The Chronicles of Anatta (2020) 

In China, 285 B.C. - After uncovering the mystical Luopan of Anatta, a Taoist monk journeys through history to find the two siblings that hold the key to protecting mankind from Armageddon.

Qi: Spacetime Warriors (2019) 

Earth 2341 A.D. - In an extropian world of the future, a team of Spacetime Warriors from Earth joins forces with the Andromedan Galaxy to save our worlds from a common threat of another universe, while also attempting to rescue Princess Dha-loo-ma and hundreds of Earthling's from a distant dimension. 

The Fault Line - TV Mini Series 

Two Seraphims hunt down a young woman, after learning she is the ancient daughter of an Archangel.

Before There Was Her

Mankind's savagery in the Third World War left most of the population barren. Now, two centuries later, humanity has been reduced to warring factions across Russia and Asia, and there are few fertile women left.

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